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Enviromental Safety

Enviromental Safety

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, road dust control is the largest cause to particulate air pollution in America.  The quantity of dust that is produced by unpaved roads is five times greater than two other contributors, which are construction activities and wind erosion.   Not only is dust from these roads a nuisance, they have been cited in many cases of respiratory illness for humans that live near areas in need of dust control.

Lignosulfonate is biodegradable, non- toxic, no toxic run off, non-hazardous and water soluble at all concentrations.  It may be applied around sensitive areas such as aquifers, lakes, streams, vineyards, berry fields, orchards, recreational facilities and residential areas.  In addition, it is non corrosive, having a corrosion rate of tap water.  It is a non-corrosive and non-hazardous product that is easily washed out of equipment and clothing by using regular water.

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