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Lignosulfonate is a proven and environmentally safe product derived from lignin in the process of converting wood into pulp. It is nature’s glue for binding cellulose fibers to form the strong, rigid structure of trees. The binding action of lignin is naturally tacky and is an excellent adhesive on solid particles. This is due to the attraction of the lignin molecule to the fine soil particles in road beds and can improve the engineering properties by the wetting and dispersing characteristics of Lignosulfonates. This is particularly true in that the wood sugars and lignin polymer are both bonding agents. However, the wood sugars are also hygroscopic and both attract and retain moisture in the road surface. This builds a flexible, hard, relatively dust free surface. In dust control applications it acts as a glue that bonds the fines and aggregate together. It is a fact that the use of Lignin over time helps develop stronger inferior soils. Many end users have found that road beds improve dramatically. Lignin has been used for over 60 years to control dust and stabilize gravel on unpaved roads. It is water soluble, environmentally friendly, easy to handle and apply, and very cost-effective. Lignin is derived from an abundant and renewable resource.

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